how do you get a poinsettia to rebloom

Do not worry if you are unable to get your poinsettia to rebloom your first time. Get Your Poinsettia to Rebloom. When this has happened, prune the stems down to about six inches and keep it in its sunny spot. Late Spring - Summer. Continue caring for your poinsettia like this until the end of March. Who doesn’t appreciate a lovely, vibrant poinsettia during the holiday season? Once summer is over, bring your plants indoors before nighttime temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. How to Re-Bloom Your Poinsettia Plant . Ambassador to Mexico. However, with the right amount of care, you can get Poinsettias to grow back next year with not that much effort. My plant is in week four of 14 hours of darkness and only one small leaf is beginning to turn red. This requires some management to get it to bloom for the holidays. Even a nightlight can disrupt this process! When most people realize the amount of work it is to get another year out of their poinsettia and how inexpensive many plants are, the choice may not be to try to rebloom the poinsettia, but to buy again. Most poinsettia varieties will bloom if you give them 14 hours of darkness each day. Provide 13 to 16 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness daily. During the day, the plants need bright light, along with the other routine care. Each day at 5 p.m., remember to cover the plants to ensure darkness, and then uncover them around 7 or 8 a.m. Here’s your straightforward, step-by-step guide on reblooming poinsettias: Come spring, when the temperatures are consistently over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, place your plants outside so that they receive consistent, bright and indirect sunlight. Beginning October 1, keep your plant in complete darkness from 5 p.m. to 8 … You will have to artificially create these conditions and it's crucial that you be diligent. Poinsettias need to be close to a west or south window and receive some sun during the day. Start by choosing a shallow container that will show off the colorful blooms, and fill it with fresh water. Repot into a 2-3 inches in diameter larger pot. It works every time and requires no daily effort. Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) need total darkness, for 14 hours each day, starting about eight weeks before you want to display them. Purple with glitter does not exist in nature. You will probably need a bigger container. Your poinsettia should be moved outdoors during summer, so it is important to keep it in good condition now. The 4-H Name and Emblem have special protections from Congress, protected by code 18 USC 707. Basically, you want to treat poinsettias like any houseplant: Give them bright light, don’t over-water them and make sure to feed them with a liquid houseplant fertilizer. This needs to be done before nighttime temperatures get close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The first important part is to remove the colored foil covering the outside of the pot. The key to getting your poinsettia to turn red (or to re-shade), is the elimination of light. All About Poinsettias. Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. Throughout the daytime, your poinsettias should be soaking up the sun. At the beginning of June, prune back the plants so they're only about six inches tall, and repot them in a slightly larger container with fresh potting soil. Throughout the daytime, your poinsettias should be soaking up the sun. If your poinsettia was colorized or dyed, the flower color will be different from when it was purchased. Moving your poinsettia outdoors during summer and making sure it receives the proper amount of light will help ensure it reblooms for the next holiday season. Its botanical name is Euphorbia pulocherrima, which makes it a member of the Euphorbia family. Once indoors, find a location where the poinsettia will get 14 hours of continuous, uninterrupted darkness and 10 hours of bright light. This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. So I did some research and found that the key to getting them to rebloom is to make sure that they receive long periods of darkness in late fall or early winter. It traps water if it has no holes and plants can be marinating in several inches of water, rotting the roots. As new shoots grow, the tips of the stems can be pinched periodically to make the plant bushier. If you feel a little guilty throwing away your poinsettias once the holiday season has ended, then don’t! January – Grow in the direct sun, keep out of drafts and fertilize. Water as usual until early April, then stop watering and allow the soil to dry out. Native to Mexico, poinsettias are popular plants in the U.S. because they are one of the few plants that bloom in the winter and happen to have the same colors as Christmas. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer, committed to achieving excellence through a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that encourages all people to reach their full potential. Water and fertilize the poinsettia to stimulate growth. Place the plant in a room that you don’t usually use at night, but that is at least moderately sunny during the day: a guest room, for example. Poinsettias require very specific light conditions to allow the plant to make flowers again. Figure out when you go to sleep and when you leave for work, and set up a schedule you … The Process for Reblooming Your Poinsettia. First, let’s talk about how to care for them during the holidays so that you can get a good start on reblooming. This information is for educational purposes only. It's somewhat tricky to get your poinsettia to bloom again. But did you know that it’s possible to keep your festive plants year round and rebloom them for a second season? While easy to maintain, getting them to bloom again can be a little tricky, but totally worth it if you find yourself struggling to part with the festive plants post-New Year. Feed them about once a month with half-strength, balanced liquid fertilizer. The color transformation of the plant’s lovely bracts occurs when the plants are given precise periods of complete darkness. Having a poinsettia plant during the holidays is a tradition for many people, and some often wonder if it’s possible to get the plant to bloom again for next year. The most common colors for the bracts that we call flowers are red, orange, pink, pale green, cream, white and marbled. When fall temperatures begin to drop, bring the plant indoors. Rebloom that Poinsettia – Don’t Toss it! Poinsettias are striking tropical plants appreciated for the bright color they provide during the winter holidays. Dig up and repot the plant in the fall. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Releasing A Holiday Ice Cream Line That Includes A Boozy Flavor, Starbucks Will Give You A Free Drink Next Week If You Buy One Today, Target Has Items Up To 50% Off On Cyber Monday, We Went Through All The 2020 Cyber Monday Deals And These Are The Ones You Should Care About, The ‘Baby Shark’ Animated Series Will Premiere With A Holiday ‘Fishmas’ Special, Pandemic Could Be ‘eradicated’ If 70% Of People Wore Surgical Masks, Study Says. You'll need to provide 13 to 16 hours of complete and uninterrupted darkness daily. The flower is actually the little “button” at the tip of the stem, and the petals are leaves called bracts. February – Prune; Check for insect pests. Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by MSU Extension or bias against those not mentioned. When mid-summer rolls around, prune the plants back to one-half to one-third and re-pot them in the same or slightly larger pot. Alternate between periods of light and total darkness every single day for 6 to 8 weeks. How to Rebloom Your Poinsettia By late March or early April, cut back your poinsettia to about 8" in height. Known as “short-day” plants, poinsettias need long, dark nights for their leaves to change colors. When fall temperatures begin to drop, bring the plant indoors. Want to save it and rebloom it next holiday season, but was told it was too difficult? If you turn on the light, even for a brief time, it can affect the production of flower buds. Cut the stems back to about 6 inches and make sure some leaves remain. If you want to get your poinsettia to rebloom beginning in October, this is what you need to do. Do you hate throwing out your poinsettia each year? By the end of May you should see vigorous new growth. Even small amounts of light such as a street light, car headlights or the light from a TV can throw it off. Poinsettias are named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. Continue a regular watering program and fertilize your plant with ferti•lome All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food, a water-soluble fertilizer. The Key for Poinsettia Rebloom Now it would have been nice to have it bloom at Christmas instead of February. How to Rebloom Poinsettias After Christmas. While this can be done, it requires greenhouse-like conditions with hands-on care. In May, cut back the foliage so that only about four inches of stem remains, then repot the plant in fresh potting mix. Others will put it under a cardboard box for the 14 hours. It’s always helpful to know the origin of a plant to … Poinsettias are great to have around the Christmas season. Cut back each of the old flowering stems to 4 to 6 inches in height. This is why the milky sap can be very irritating to people’s skin. More sunlight makes the plant healthier. Remote Learning and Resources for Those at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic, Stay Informed With the MSU Extension Newsletter. To rebloom your existing poinsettia by Christmas, you need to expose it to natural day lengths from that point on. Now unscrew all the light bulbs in the room. From October 1 to December 1 (or for at least 40 days), a poinsettia will need a strict light/dark regimen to produce color. To contact an expert in your area, visit, or call 888-MSUE4MI (888-678-3464). Even a “wall” of taller houseplants will do, as long as no intense artificial light reaches the poinsettia. Continue watering as usual and keep it in a sunny location. This just involves clipping the very tip of the stem. Tips for How to Rebloom A Poinsettia. Do not allow your poinsettia to sit in standing water. You can give them to other families to help bring joy to their lives. Once the flower petal leaves fade and fall off the plant, cut back the stems to just below the flowers and allow them to grow back. He brought the initial cuttings to the United States and introduced them to plant enthusiasts here. Let’s learn about a very important aspect of that care: fertilizing poinsettias. But I plan to keep going until the end if December. Each day at 5 p.m., remember to cover the plants to ensure darkness, and then uncover … Some people will move the plant into a room where they will not turn on lights. Blooming Twice is Nice! This permits them to change colors. If you're planning on keeping your poinsettia through the new year, get ready for some more hands-on work. Nancy Randall says. The key to getting your poinsettia to turn red (or to re-shade), is the elimination of light. Michigan State University Extension suggests watering it when the top inch of soil is dry. Re-blooming a plant is never easy and re-blooming a poinsettia plant is no exception. Most suggest around 14 hours. Keep in mind they will grow, but they’ll stay green in the summer. The color transformation of the plant’s lovely bracts occurs when the plants are given precise periods of complete darkness. Include sprigs of greenery (which you can steal from your Christmas tree) to add rustic detail. That's a great idea, but you’re going to need to do some work. Do you love your poinsettia so much that you want to keep it for another year? That means no extra light – because excess light delays blooming (and the turning of green bracts to red). It is possible, but it just doesn’t happen if the plant is indoors. This will promote new growth. The … It’s possible to re-bloom your poinsettia plant after Christmas with a few simple tricks. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. And this will give you a beautifully blooming poinsettia with no extra effort. This must happen every single day until after Thanksgiving for the … Here are tips for year-round care: Poinsettias thrive in sunny windows that get at least 6 hours of indirect light every day. You always want to maintain cleanliness when propagating plants, but it is especially important with poinsettias. Do this in February or early March. This isn’t a poinsettia, but it gives you an idea of what your cutting should look like. Clip a few flowers off different poinsettia plants, and trim and sear their stems. From October 1 to December 1, (or for at least 40 days) a poinsettia will need a strict light / dark regimen to produce color. Reblooming your Poinsettia. Put your poinsettia "to bed" in a closet, dark and unused spare bedroom or dark basement when you get home from work in the evening and put it back in a bright day light spot 14 or more hours later. Come December, they should be completely ready to decorate your home, providing a festive touch throughout the holiday season! Late Winter - Early Spring. The best way to make a new poinsettia from and old poinsettia is to take an herbaceous stem cutting from the tender growth of a terminal shoot. The plant should be removed from the container at the time of planting. Jeffrey W. Dwyer, Director, MSU Extension, East Lansing, MI 48824. Reblooming your Poinsettia. In early April, snip the stems to about six inches. Nighttime: provide complete uninterrupted darkness for 12 to 15 hours a day (whatever fits your schedule). Poinsettias are a great way to brighten up your home, and with the proper care, they can continue to do so long after the holidays. very workable solution worth sharing with others looking for ways to get their poinsettias to rebloom. History of Poinsettias. Daytime: keep your poinsettia in the sunniest location you have. With proper care, poinsettias can retain their beauty for two to three months, and if you’re dedicated, you can even get poinsettias to rebloom the following year. Year-Round Poinsettia Care. Poinsettias have been considered as a holiday plant in the United States since the 1820s. Here at Ron & Alicia Robinson Florist, we have the tips and tricks for keeping these beautiful plants looking their best throughout the holiday season and beyond.For a quick and easy guide, check out our infographic at the end of this post! Getting Your Poinsettia to Rebloom. Gretchen Voyle, Michigan State University Extension - In nature, your charming little poinsettia would grow to be a woody shrub. The experts at Walter Knoll Florist will help do it. Water and fertilize the poinsettia to stimulate growth. November 27, 2016 at 4:53 PM. Along with Christmas trees, snowmen and gingerbread houses, these decorative, colorful plants make the season bright! If you do decide to carry over a poinsettia, understand that the process can vary from region to region. As soon as you see new growth, begin fertilizing at half-strength every week. Cover. The correct lighting is key to making this whole process work! Issued in furtherance of MSU Extension work, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. For more information, visit You do have to follow these exact directions or it may not work as you want it to. However, starting in the evening, the plants must get complete darkness. You will probably need a bigger container. Dig up and repot the plant in the fall. After the holiday season, your poinsettia will have dropped all of its leaves. You may not realize it, but with proper year-round care, poinsettias can rebloom in time for the next winter season. It’s super important that from Sept. 21 through the end of October your poinsettias get 14 to 15 hours of complete, uninterrupted darkness daily, along with nighttime temperatures around 65 degrees. When you first bring your new poinsettia home, put it in an area of the house that gets good light (avoid a north window); maintain a draft-free environment with temps of 65-75; water thoroughly whenever the surface soil feels dry but don’t allow the plant to sit in water. Michigan State University Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or veteran status. The plant is native to Mexico where it can grow from 2 to 13 feet tall and is considered a shrub or small tree. Here is how, step by step, throughout the year, you can rebloom your poinsettia. After two months of the long night-short day lighting, colored bracts will begin producing. The plant should be removed from the container at the time of planting. Next, place the poinsettia near the window. When all danger of frost has passed, usually the end of May, it’s time to find a location outdoors where the plant will receive strong morning sunlight. Poinsettias are colorful, cheerful plants that are a common feature around the holidays. Then place your poinsettia near a sunny window somewhere else indoors and set up a screen of some sort between it and the rest of the room. January 8, 2016. Getting poinsettias to reflower is not easy, but with some patience and care it can be done. If you follow these precise directions, your poinsettias should be getting bright and cheery by the end of November. Poinsettia life cycle may seem a bit complicated, but this short-day plant must satisfy certain growing requirements in order to bloom. To have a digest of information delivered straight to your email inbox, visit Often, blooms will last for months after January. To rebloom, poinsettias need about 10 weeks with 12 hours or less of sunlight per day.

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